About the Profile Store

Customer support and technical support at the Profile Store is run in co-operation with Creon Promotion AB. Please contact our customer support if you have any questions concerning your order, the products or any other concerns or suggestions. We will be pleased to receive your mail at profilestore@creon.se

Customer support is also available weekdays between 8 and 17 CET on phone number +46 470705551. The Profile Store website is open for orders 24/7. The website will only be closed for maintenance on very few occasions. However, due to the characteristics of Internet, individuals can encounter problems with accessibility at other times. The cause of these problems is normally a failure from an operator, somewhere between the web server of the Profile Store and your computer. The problem is therefore beyond our control, but the responsible operator normally solves these problems in a fairly short time.
My Account Under this heading you will find order statistics and delivery status of your various orders. You can also follow your ordered goods throughout the entire transport process.
Prices All prices shown exclude VAT (Sweden) and freight.
Payment Invoice 60 days net for all Atlas Copco employees buying products for B2B purposes. Distributors and Customers (companies, not private consumers) pay with credit card. Due to VAT reasons, Creon Promotion cannot accept orders from private customers.
Return of goods, damaged goods, quality complaints If a customer wish to return and refund the goods, than this must be done in the products original packing within 14 days after the goods was originally received. The buyer will in this case pay for transportation costs originated in the purchase and the return.
If another product than the ordered is delivered to customer, or if the product is damaged or in other case defect, then the customer must issue a deficiency report immediately upon receiving the goods stating clearly in what way the goods are defect. Creon will then refund the payment.
Delivery terms Ordered products are sent within 48 hours.
Delivery address We ship goods only to company addresses! If nothing else is mentioned, the products will be sent to the address you gave when you registered as user. If you wish to check your details, please press "See your details" on the start page.
If an order is to be sent to another recipient, please fill in the new address (replace your pre-registered address) on the upcoming pages during the completion of the ordering process.
Responsibilities during transport When transporting goods from supplier to customer, the supplier holds responsibility if the goods get damaged or lost during transportation. When transporting goods from customer to supplier, the customer is responsible if the goods get damaged or lost. 

Freight handling within Sweden – ordered products are normally sent with DHL Paket or DHL Pall.

Freight handling rest of Europe (EU) – orders fitting into one box (max 120x60x60 cm and 31,5 kg) are sent with DHL Europack. Larger orders are sent with DHL Economy Select.

Freight handling outside Europe (EU) – products are mainly sent with DHL Express.


The Profile Store is open to Atlas Copco companies, distributors and customers. This service is provided and maintained by  Creon Promotion AB