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Who can order? / Access issues
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Who can order? / Access issues:

Question: Can I order for personal use, i.e. with credit card? Is it possible to buy T shirts for personal purposes with company logo on it? Many employees ask this question.
Answer: Employees are allowed to order for private use. For the moment we can only handle orders from and deliver items to countries within the European Union. For private orders please go to our consumer site. www.atlascopco.com/giftshop

Question: Is there any control mechanism of who is permitted to order? We want our people to access the webshop but we don't want particular sales engineers to order gifts directly by themselves because we have to follow a certain approval cycle and all the time they need their Business Line Manager's approval. We also want to be sure that there is nobody ordering to our company account without any control.
Answer: Regarding the authorization of users, the previous system, Atlas Copco Gear was open to all employees (the userid and pw was well-known by all Atlas Copco employees since it was published in The Way and all Brand Manuals as a public document) as employees are supposed to respect the local procure regulations and invoicing approval workflow, but anyhow, I can understand your concern so you can discuss with Creon to look for the solution that suits better to your country. Anyhow, if you just want to authorize/unthorize certain people in your company, we can arrange that with Creon. Please, come back with more detailed info and we can discuss with them.


Stock and items:

Question: Are there any stock info available?
Answer: The stock value of each product is displayed in real time so you will always know the amount in stock. The same goes for incoming items. You can at all times see exactly what and how many products that will arrive and you can also pre-order incoming items.

Question: How can I find printed matters?
Answer: Printed matters are not available in the Profile Store.
They can be ordered in The Village.

Question: Are the business lines gifts totally cancelled, or it will be available later on? There were a special section for ACTA on the gear, - different colours of the gifts (yellow, black) and what is more important -gifts related to products - we used them for product launches and campaigns.
Answer: Divisional/ Product specific items will not be shown in the Profile Store. It's the intention of the shop to only show Atlas Copco branded general products and not Divisional ones. These items have been selected by the project team and approved by the Group, so no other items appart from these will be shown. When campaigns, fairs, etc... , contact Creon (profilestore@creon.se), they will be back with a proposal. (Creon has been trained on Atlas Copco branding guidelines) and advise you about quantities. These divisional items will be invoiced and sent to you but they will not be published in the shop.



Question: What are the payment terms?  
Answer: Invoice 60 days net for all Atlas Copco employees buying products for B2B purposes. Distributors and Customers (companies, not private consumers) pay with credit card. Due to VAT reasons, Creon Promotion cannot accept orders from private customers.

Question: Can I ask for one only monthly invoice?
Answer: If you are interested in one monthly invoice, please send an e-mail with the request to Creon.



Question: How to handle the data protection law policy with external buyers?
Answer: The Data protection law is guaranteed by Creon Promotion (regarding internal and external users). Creon is committed to the Data Protection Directive (EC Directive 95/46/EC) and Electronic Communications Privacy Directive (EC Directive/2002/58/EC.

Question: What is the security level of the portal, especially when credit card payment?
Answer: Credit card payment uses SSL 128-bit encryption and is PCI certified by VISA/Master Card. The users' accounts to the web shop are password protected, but do not uses encryption. There have been no successful attempts of hack attacks or frauds. Uptime of our server is close to 100%